These plastic gears and gear molds are widely used in automotive industry like car door locks, intelligent home like robot sweepers, office appliances as printers, personal care, for example, massage armchairs, medical parts such as auto injection units, monitors and so on.
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A two plus two cavities injection mold used for molding speaker grilles, the DME standard injection mold was sold to North America at a reasonable price and with well reliable quality.

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BMW Rademblem Core Insert

A competitive combination of processing technique like lathing, grinding, EDM, wire-cuting, hardening, inspection provides affordable cost but superior quality. Steel: 1.2083 from Germany, hardness: 48-52HRC, size: DM100X113mm, cost:...

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Worm Gear Mold for Car Door Latch Lock Actuator

The worm gear mold is built to produce plastic gear parts used in gearbox mechanism for various car door lock latches. It is a four cavities mold with gears released with electric motor system...

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High Glass Filled PA46 Car Components

The rod inserted half gear is made with PA46+GF60 through side blade gating and the other gear is with PA46+GF50+PTFE by point gating, functional requirements are very high.

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PA6 GF20 Car Structural Part

We mold many plastic parts with PA or PA plus glass filled material for automotive useage, we provide certificate of material and PPAP report. One stop service from building mould, plastic moulding, testing to DDU delivery by air or sea is available.

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