These plastic gears and gear molds are widely used in automotive industry like car door locks, intelligent home like robot sweepers, office appliances as printers, personal care, for example, massage armchairs, medical parts such as auto injection units, monitors and so on.
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Helical Gear in Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Gearbox

We produce the helical gears used in the gearbox for a household intelligent robot vacuum cleaner with material POM Delrin 500P and daily output 12800pcs.

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Inteligent Sweeper Housings

Right and left hand plastic shells used in smart sweeping robot, delicate VDI3400 K18 surface, daily huge output for famous companies, 50 Japanese injection machines support the quality molding.

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internal threaded gearbox components

Smart home products we design and produce, they are used in window blinds, robotic sweepers,security monitors, door lockers...

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Spare Parts for Indoor Sunshade Unit

These PA plastic parts are applied in indoor and outdoor automatic sunshade system, they also support for other inteligent designs and applications with below details...

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