Customize mold components for action parts, cavity and core inserts, tool ejection parts, gating inserts, date code stamps, lifters, lifter retainers, slides, slide inserts, wear plates, centering washers, unthreaded core inserts, coring units, ejector pins, ejector blades, ejector sleeves, ejector blocks, recycling & mark Inserts, multiple stamps, center inserts, special locator rings, sprue bushes, sprue adjusters, sprue lock pins, plastic vestige reducing bar, hot nozzle extensions, etc.
Steels of W400, 1.2343, 1.2083, 1.2738, S-7, H-3, S136, etc, steel certificates and spare parts dimensional report are available.


A two plus two cavities injection mold used for molding speaker grilles, the DME standard injection mold was sold to North America at a reasonable price and with well reliable quality.

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Helical Gear Mold Inserts

plastic gears for mini electric motors, electronic products, automobile accessories, domestic appliances, branded printers, toys, handicrafts, fax machines, camera, shredder, duplicator, massager, medical instrument, vacuum cleaner, etc. Various types of

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Mold Cavities for Connector

precision plastic housings for low-frequency connectors used in cabling, panel type, audio equipment, household electrical products, office appliances, electronic equipment power connecting, environment resistant connection and for high-frequency or coaxia

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coupling render mold DME Standard

electronical housing mold used in cellphone, BP, telephone, fax machine, portable interphone, router, ethernet switch, program control unit,optical transmitter and receiver, carrier communication machine, radio detection and ranging set.

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Multi-cavity Mold for Transparent PC part

WKPLASTICS makes high cavitation mold from four to thirty-six while maintaining its high precision and stability.

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