Customize mold components for action parts, cavity and core inserts, tool ejection parts, gating inserts, date code stamps, lifters, lifter retainers, slides, slide inserts, wear plates, centering washers, unthreaded core inserts, coring units, ejector pins, ejector blades, ejector sleeves, ejector blocks, recycling & mark Inserts, multiple stamps, center inserts, special locator rings, sprue bushes, sprue adjusters, sprue lock pins, plastic vestige reducing bar, hot nozzle extensions, etc.
Steels of W400, 1.2343, 1.2083, 1.2738, S-7, H-3, S136, etc, steel certificates and spare parts dimensional report are available.

Metal Hole Punch Pin

CNC Techinique of the hole punching tool is rough hand milling, heat treatment, grinding and CNC turning outsides, wirecutting side slope, EDM machining round pin head, fine machining and quality checking.
We offer free CNC machined part to new clients

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Precision Connector Mold Core Pins

Precision Mold Components for Connector Mold Steel: W400 Hardness: 52HRC

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Superior Connector Mold Component

Steel: 1.2083, S-7, DC53...
Hardness: 54-58hRC
Grinding precision: 0.002-0.001mm
EDM roughness Ra0.08
EDM tolerance: 0.003mm...

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Connector Mold Spare Part

Close Tolerance Connector Mold Part
Steel: 1.2083 in high hardness 54-56HRC
Usage: in automotive connectors
EDM Precision: 0.003mm
Grinding Accuracy: 0.002mm
Grinding Roughness: high glossy surface...

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