"You cannot make bricks without straw". Equipment gives assurance to precision and quality.
We are advanced in special branded gear making equipment from Japan, Swiss, Sweden. That makes it possible to fabricate precise helical gear mold, worm gear mold, bevel, spur gear mold, and do plastic gear injection molding and testing.
We provide one stop service from plastic gear solutions, custom gear design, gear tooling design and engineering, injection molding to specialized testing, delivery and after sales support.

Mold Spare Inserts EDM

Mirror eletrode sparking machining for precision mold spare inserts
Model: Makino EDGE 3
Precision: 0.0019

(3.5 reviews)

Cavity Insert EDM Processing

EDM procession for precise cavity insert
Hardened H-13 52-54Hrc

(3.5 reviews)

Surface Grinding on Mold Components

Grinder Model: HF-614S
Usage: precision mold spare parts surface processing
Operators Experience: 6 years
Grinding Precision: 0.002mm
Steel: S-7, H-13, SKD61, 1.2343...

(3.5 reviews)

Helical Gear Mold for Car Door Latch

The mold is built to produce helical gears in assembly gearbox reducer used in car side door latch, car tail door lock etc. Cavity and core inserts steel: S136, 52-54HRC...

(3.5 reviews)

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