"You cannot make bricks without straw". Equipment gives assurance to precision and quality.
We are advanced in special branded gear making equipment from Japan, Swiss, Sweden. That makes it possible to fabricate precise helical gear mold, worm gear mold, bevel, spur gear mold, and do plastic gear injection molding and testing.
We provide one stop service from plastic gear solutions, custom gear design, gear tooling design and engineering, injection molding to specialized testing, delivery and after sales support.

Connector Housing Injection Molding

WKPlastics produces connector covers used in cabling, panel type, audio equipment, household electrical products, office appliances, electronic equipment power connecting, environment resistant connection and for high-frequency or coaxial connectors and mi

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Brass Nut Inserted Molding

This is a four cavities brass nut inserted molding. We put the brass nuts into the mold and then make injection molding.The nuts are also available in wkplastics at a fair price.

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Fine Case for Inteligent Robotic Sweeper

These fine moldings are used in gearboxes to pack, protect and position inner transmission parts for intelligent robot sweepers. WKP is also able to develop and design gearboxes used in smart home, medical and automotive fields.

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