"You cannot make bricks without straw". Equipment gives assurance to precision and quality. We are advanced in branded equipment from Charmilles, Sodick, Mikron, Fanuc, TopEdm and skillful grinder operators.
Our precision can reach 0.001-0.003mm for flat grinding, 0.003-0.01mm for EDM, 0.003-0.01mm for wire-cutting, 0.005-0.01mm for CNC.
High skilled staff, advanced equipment, continual improvement, customer orientation and strong quality awareness have made WKPlastics one of the first-class-rate mold spare parts construction factories in China and increasingly well-known in Europe and North America.

Mold Parts Quality Inspection

Supportive CMM from HEXAGON is used to test mold components with complex shapes.
Every mold spare part is tested and confirmed in conformity before its delivery.

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