Electronic Application Mold Parts

Electronic Application Mold Parts

Product Category: APPLICATIONS

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Material: S-7, H-13, 420SS, 1.2083, 1.2343, 1.2767, STAVAX, SKD61, SKD11...
Hardness after Heattreatment: 48-60 HRC per specification
Grinding Precision: 0.002mm
Grinding Roughness: SPI B2, B3...per 2D component drawing or discussion
Mold Grinding Procedure: rough, half-precision and fine grinding...
Operators Skill: 6 years
Lineness: 0.002mm in 300mmm
Grinder Brand: from TaiWan
3 Precision Holes Diameter: 0.4mm by wire-cutting
Wire-cutting Accuracy: 0.003mm
Delivery Date: based on amount, drawing and steel accessibility, usually within 12 working days
Shipping Option: by air prioriy or economy
Supportive Documents: steel certificate, hardening and dimensional report
Weekly report: if required, weekly machining report can be provided.


l. rough lathe  2. rough grinding  3. hardened  4. fine grinding  5. precision EDM machining  6. accurate wire-cutting  7. quality inspection