Helical Gear in Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Gearbox

Helical Gear in Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Gearbox

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 We produce the helical gears used in the gearbox for a household intelligent robot vacuum cleaner.

smart home gearbox and helica gear molding

>> material: POM Delrin 500P
>> daily capability: 12800pcs
>> usage: gearbox assembly for an intelligent vacuum cleaner
>> features of the sweeper:
     ♦ with multi modes setting to support auto, spot, edge and schedule cleaning.
     ♦ with 15°climbing capability to help fulfil different family demands for deep cleaner.
     ♦ with genius gyro routing to provide efficiency cleaning coverage.
     ♦ using upgraded smart sensation technology for enhanced navigation and evading obstacles, to protect the robot from scratches, falling and bumping.
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