Skewed Spur Gear

Skewed Spur Gear

Product Category: CAPABILITIES

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 Helical Spur Gears

The gear is molded for a Japanese customer and in mass production in past 3 years with a 4 cavities tooling and 50Ton injection machine.

plastic gears molding

Plastic material: POM Delrin 100

Color: RAL9005

Cavties: 4 cavities

Injection Presss: 50Ton

Cycle Time: 26 seconds

Runner Weight: 3.2g

Part Weight: 1.2g

Unit Gear Price: ?

Delivery Date: 2 weeks after order when mold runs well

Quliaty Check: by special JIG gear testing equipment to ensure all parameters are in norms

More Information: Let us know, please.