"You cannot make bricks without straw". Equipment gives assurance to precision and quality.
We are advanced in special branded gear making equipment from Japan, Swiss, Sweden. That makes it possible to fabricate precise helical gear mold, worm gear mold, bevel, spur gear mold, and do plastic gear injection molding and testing.
We provide one stop service from plastic gear solutions, custom gear design, gear tooling design and engineering, injection molding to specialized testing, delivery and after sales support.

Worm Gear Mold Parts

customize mold spare parts for straight gear,helical gear, worm wheel gear, imperial crown gear, cone gear, planet gear, tooth box gear, damp gear, arc gear, nonstandard gear, low noise gear with competitive price and top-ranking quality.

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Skewed Spur Gear

The gear is molded for a Japanese customer and in mass production in past 3 years with a 4 cavities tooling and 50Ton injection machine.

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Threaded Printer Rod

The precision printer rod is made of special resin PA12 with long stroke and fine threads. Our veteran molding operators and stable presses bring high quality and precision to the special usage purpose.

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Worm of Car Door Latch Actuator

The worm is of high tolerance molded with PA66 and used in a car door locker. Our experienced molding operators and stable presses bring success to the special usage purpose. Precision machining of electrode and EDM for the cavity inserts are the assurance

(3.5 reviews)

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