<< A powerful gear solution provider.
<< Full service tooling and mold making company .
<< Engineering solutions from concept to realization .
<< ISO 9001 & IATF 16949 certified injection molding facility .
<< Osaka precision JIS testing center for quality assurance of plastic gears .
<< Professional HAMAI gear hobbling machine to process electrodes for helical or worm gear mold .
<< 50 injection presses from Sumitomo, Nissei, Toyo, Toshiba, etc to support part quality and affordable molding cost .
Established in 2000, WKPLASTICS provides global customers with high quality plastic gears, gear molds, engineering solutions and precision spare parts for multiple industries. We have built a strong reputation for making tight tolerance helical gear mold, worm, spur, or bevel gear tooling and strive to be the first rate choice of our clients...

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bevel, helical, worm or spur gears, mold spare parts, gearbox solutions...

  • Connector Mold Components

    WKPLASTICS specializes in making precision connector mold components since its establishment in 2000.
    Advanced machining equipment and skilled operators provide the quality assurance.
    We stay competitive in its philosophy of "customer-oriented, precision-first and persistent improving".

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  • Core and Cavity Inserts

    We are advantageous to tailor precision contouring components like coring products, coring units, flexible cores, sprung cores, cavity inserts, technical gear cavities, etc.
    Various finishings of texture, mirror polishing or plating and steels of 1.2343, 1.2344, 1.2738, S-7, H-3, S136, etc are available here.

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  • Date Code Stamps

    Mold date code inserts, recycling inserts engraving inserts, multiple stamps, center Inserts of non-standard or of standard to Hasco, DME, CUSMA,MISUMI are selling well in WKPLASTICS.
    We offer a huge discount for bulk amount of these accessories.

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  • Mold Lifters & Sliders

    We are competitive in both quality and cost in customizing mold action components such as lifters, lifter actuators, lifter heel plates, lifter blanks, centering washers, lifter retainers, sliders, angle pins, modular retainers, slide retainers, slide latch, wear products, plate sequence controls, parting line locks, side locks…

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  • Factory View

    We are located Chang An town, DongGuan city. It is close to ShenZhen airport and quite famous for its mold making industry.
    Abundant resources related with manufacturing molds are easy to get. That is the reason why WKPLASTICS can offer mold spare parts globally with affordable prices, superior quality and service.

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  • Mold Gate Inserts

    Our factory has many years custom processing experience in mold gating inserts of sub-gate, banana gate, tunnel gate, pin gate, film gate, tab-gate, ejector-aided-gate and so on.
    High precision EDM machining provides the quality guarantee.

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Connector Mold Components

WKPLASTICS customizes high precision mold spare parts for low-frequency connectors used in cabling, panel type, audio equipment, household electrical products, office appliances, electronic equipment power connecting, environment resistant connection and for high-frequency or coaxial connectors and mixed type connectors. No matter hermetically sealed, radiation-resistant, circular, rectangular, vertical or angular, high-voltage connector...

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Mold Cavity & Core Inserts

WKPLASTICS is able to fabricate precision cavity and core inserts for customers’ exiting molds or molds in processing based on clients tool drawings and specifications.
We can offer different cavity finishings such as texture to VDI 3400 or even texture to MoldTech, mirror polishing, plating or special DLC coating. Steels of 1.2343, 1.2344, 1.2738, S-7, H-3, S136, certificates, heat treatment and dimensional report...

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Mold Action Components

We have advantages on customizing mold action components like coring units, flexible cores, sprung cores, lifters, lifter actuators, lifter heel plates, lifter blanks, compact housing lifters, centering washers, lifter retainers, sliders, slider guide rails, slider pins, slide assemblies, slider core inserts, slider cavity inserts, slide retainer products, modular retainers, slide latches, wear plates, plate sequence controls, parting line locks, top locks, tri-locks...

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Cavity Inserts for Gears

WKPLASTICS helps design and machine technical cavity inserts for various plastic gear molds like helical gear, worm wheel gear, imperial crown gear, planet gear, spur gear and bevel gear.
Advanced equipment and experienced engineers are the prerequisite to fabricate plastic gear mold components used in gearbox solutions, bank machines, electric motors, automobile accessories, printers, toys, handicrafts, medical instruments, vacuum cleaners, intelligent robots...

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Mold Gating Parts

Our factory has many years processing experience in customizing mold gating related parts like special locator rings, sprue bushes, sprue adjusters, sprue lock pins, plastic vestige reducing bar, hot nozzle extensions, hot runner aftermarket replacement parts and different types of gate inserts such as sub-gate, banana gate, tunnel gate, pin gate, film gate, tab-gate, ejector-aided-gate and so on.
Branded equipment from Charmilles, Sodick, TopEdm provide quality assurance...

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Mark & Ejection Parts

We supply a great range of mold engraving inserts such as date code stamps, recycling inserts, material inserts, cavity number inserts, multiple stamps, center Inserts and different kinds of ejection parts like ejector pins, ejector blades, ejector sleeves, ejection blocks, knockout rod extensions, undercuts double ejectors, return pins, stops, dowels, fasteners.
Copied spare parts to Hasco, DME, CUSMA, MISUMI are also in the scope of global selling. High precision, prompt lead time...

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