"You cannot make bricks without straw". Equipment gives assurance to precision and quality.
We are advanced in special branded gear making equipment from Japan, Swiss, Sweden. That makes it possible to fabricate precise helical gear mold, worm gear mold, bevel, spur gear mold, and do plastic gear injection molding and testing.
We provide one stop service from plastic gear solutions, custom gear design, gear tooling design and engineering, injection molding to specialized testing, delivery and after sales support.

Copper Electrode for Helical Gear Mold

Special copper electrodes by professional hobbing machine are needed in EDM to make helical and worm gear mold contour inserts. WKPLASTICS is willing to support our current clients with these technical copper electrodes.

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Gear Electrode Making

Copper electrode for a 42 teeth 4 cavities Hasco standard helical gear mold with non-standard module. JIS tester, gear fitting machine, profilometer and skillful inspectors are well supportitive in quality.

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Worm Mold Electrode Making

This is a special electrode grinded for making a 4 cavities worm mould, an important factor to build a successful worm tooling is the precision quality of worm electrode, wkplastics manufactures this worm mold in May, 2021.

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